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About was a prominent online retailer specializing in music, movies, games, and other entertainment products. Founded in Hong Kong in 2000 by entrepreneur Henrik Wesslen, CD-WOW gained popularity for its extensive catalog, competitive prices, and global shipping options.

The company quickly grew, attracting customers worldwide with its attractive discounts on CDs, DVDs, and video games. Its success was fueled by its ability to offer products at lower prices than many local retailers, often by sourcing products from markets with different pricing structures or utilizing parallel imports.

However, CD-WOW faced legal challenges from major record labels and movie studios due to its practice of parallel importing, which involves acquiring products from markets where they are sold at lower prices and then reselling them in markets where they are more expensive. This led to lawsuits and disputes related to copyright infringement and importation laws in various countries.

In 2004, CD-WOW settled with the music industry and agreed to change its business practices, ensuring it complied with copyright and distribution laws. Despite these challenges, the company continued to operate and expand its offerings.

In 2009, CD-WOW faced further legal issues, particularly in the UK, resulting in the website temporarily shutting down. The company agreed to pay substantial damages to the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) for infringing on copyright laws.

Ultimately, CD-WOW’s operations faced significant setbacks due to legal battles and increased competition in the online retail space. The company struggled to maintain its earlier market position and eventually ceased trading in many countries. In March 2011, CD-WOW announced its closure, marking the end of its presence as a major online entertainment retailer.

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