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The Operating System

OS X 10.0, also known as “Cheetah,” was the first major release of the Macintosh operating system developed by Apple Inc. Released on March 24, 2001, it marked a significant milestone in Apple’s transition from the previous Mac OS to the modern OS X series. Cheetah introduced a host of new features and improvements, laying the foundation for the sleek and powerful operating system we know today as macOS.

With OS X 10.0, Apple aimed to combine the simplicity and ease of use of the classic Mac OS with the stability and power of a Unix-based foundation. The most notable change was the adoption of a completely new user interface called “Aqua.” Aqua brought a fresh and visually appealing look to the operating system, featuring translucent elements, a new dock, and an updated menu bar.

Under the hood, OS X 10.0 featured a Unix-based architecture called Darwin, which provided a more robust and reliable foundation for the operating system. This allowed for better memory management, enhanced stability, and improved performance. The introduction of protected memory also added an additional layer of security, preventing one application from crashing the entire system.

While OS X 10.0 represented a significant step forward for Apple, it was not without its challenges. The initial release faced criticism for being relatively slow and lacking some features compared to its predecessor, Mac OS 9.

The Web Browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1 for Mac Preview was a pre-release version of the web browser released by Microsoft in 2001 for Apple’s Mac OS X operating system. It was designed to give Mac users a preview of the upcoming Internet Explorer 5.1 release and to provide developers with a testing platform for their web applications. The Preview version included several new features such as auto-complete, improved security settings, and compatibility with Mac OS X’s Aqua interface.

Browser User Agent

When contacting a webserver OS X 10.0 PPC with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1 for Mac Preview will identify itself as Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.1b1; Mac_PowerPC)

Run Period

For OS X 10.0 PPC with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1 for Mac Preview Period Sites in Period Browsers is currently searching for pages archived between 2001-03-24 and 2003-03-24

Emulation Platform

Hardware emulation for this platform is currently provided by the QEMU Project.

‘Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1 for Mac Preview’ was part of the default install for OSX 10.0 and can be found in the ‘/Applications’ directory. OSX 10.0 can be found at WinWorld Library.


OS X 10.0 PPC with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1 for Mac Preview

Examples of OS X 10.0 PPC with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1 for Mac Preview