PSPB Period Sites in Period Browsers An attempt to show Web 1.0 in context.

1. Where do you get the webpages from?

PSPB currently pulls web pages from the Internet Archives’ Wayback Machine

2. Why do some of the pages render with missing graphics?

The Wayback Machine is often incomplete - especially with older pages. This can account for some of the missing images that you might see. It’s also possible that I might have made a mistake in re-working the pages for display.

3. Are you really rendering these sites in these browsers?

All images are generated from real instances of the browsers running on real instances of the operating systems. The hardware, however, is fake and is predominantly provided by the QEMU project.

4. Does HotJava 1.0 really crash that much?


5. It’s a bit York-centric at times..?


6. Where did you get the site’s theme?

PSPB currently runs under an altered version of the Leonids Jekyll theme.