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The Operating System

Windows 2000 Professional, also known as Win2K Pro or Windows 2K, was a version of the Windows operating system released by Microsoft on February 17, 2000. It was the successor to Windows NT 4.0 and was designed for business and power users.

Windows 2000 Professional was a significant release for Microsoft, as it was the first Windows operating system to combine the features of the consumer-oriented Windows 9x line with the stability and security of the Windows NT line. It featured a new user interface, improved hardware support, and enhanced networking capabilities. It also introduced support for plug-and-play devices and USB devices, which made it easier to install and use new hardware.

Windows 2000 Professional also included a number of enterprise-oriented features, such as support for Active Directory, which made it easier to manage large networks of computers. It also introduced the Windows 2000 Server family, which included several server editions of Windows 2000 that could be used for file and print sharing, web serving, and other server-related tasks.

Overall, Windows 2000 Professional was a significant milestone for Microsoft, as it helped to bridge the gap between consumer and enterprise versions of Windows. It was a popular operating system for business and power users throughout the early 2000s, before being superseded by newer versions of Windows.

The Web Browser

Amaya 5.0 was a web browser and authoring tool developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), released in 2001. As the latest iteration of the Amaya software, it built upon previous versions to provide users with a comprehensive platform for browsing and creating web content. Amaya 5.0 offered a range of features including support for web standards such as HTML, CSS, and XML, as well as advanced editing capabilities for creating and editing web pages directly within the browser.

Browser User Agent

When contacting webservers ‘Windows 2000 Pro x86 with Amaya 5.0’ will identify itself as ‘amaya/V5.0 libwww/5.3.1’.

Run Period

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Emulation Platform

Hardware emulation for this platform is currently provided by the QEMU Project.

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Windows 2000 Pro x86 with Amaya 5.0

Examples of Windows 2000 Pro x86 with Amaya 5.0

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