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Windows 95 RTM

Released in August 1995, Windows 95 was a step-change from Windows 3.11 and firmly marks the beginning of Microsoft’s Imperial period that ran until the United States v. Microsoft Corp. case in 2001.

UdiWWW 1.2

Bernd Richter’s UdiWWW browser was developed at the University of ULM and began as an offshoot of the German ‘UDINE Projekt’. Version 1.2 was released in April 1996 and, shortly afterwards, the project was wound up in favour of other larger projects with stronger backing.

UdiWWW was notable for its early full support of the then new HTML 3.0 standard.

Windows 95 RTM x86 with UdiWWW 1.2


This instance of ‘Windows 95 RTM x86 with UdiWWW 1.2’ runs via QEMU from the QEMU project.


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