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The Operating System

MS-DOS 6.22, the last standalone version of Microsoft’s Disk Operating System, debuted in 1994 as a culmination of incremental improvements in the MS-DOS lineage. Designed to cater to the computing needs of the era, MS-DOS 6.22 provided a repertoire of utilities for file management, disk maintenance, and system configuration. Notable additions included enhanced memory management, improved task swapping, and the introduction of DriveSpace compression tool. Despite these modest enhancements, MS-DOS 6.22 struggled to keep pace with the evolving graphical user interfaces of emerging operating systems. Its command-line interface and limited multitasking capabilities rendered it increasingly antiquated in the face of more user-friendly alternatives.

The Web Browser

Designed to run on older, legacy MS DOS-based PCs, Arachne 1.5 was a graphical web browser and e-mail client capable of handing multiple graphics formats.

Browser User Agent

When contacting webservers ‘MS DOS 6.22 with Arachne 1.5’ will identify itself as ‘xChaos_Arachne/1.50;s.r.c. (DOS x86; 800x600,256c;’.

Run Period

For ‘MS DOS 6.22 with Arachne 1.5’ Period Sites in Period Browsers is currently searching for pages archived between 1999-06-22 and 2000-06-22.

Emulation Platform

Hardware emulation for MS DOS 6.22 with Arachne 1.5 is provided by the 86Box Project.

MS DOS 6.22 can be found at the WinWorld Operating System Library. Arachne 1.5 can be found in the Arachne Archive


MS DOS 6.22 with Arachne 1.5

Examples of MS DOS 6.22 with Arachne 1.5

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